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Top Story: NABL - Getting Ready to Open its Doors!
NABL Opening

Young businessmen Erik Voldness and Matt Patterson have announced today plans to open a new baseball league. The league will be based in North America, and is called the North American Baseball League. "With the steroids scandal hitting the MLB and causing it to fold, we feel like our league is going to be able to land most of those players," Commish Erik Voldness told reporters. Look for this league to open in the next month.

New League to Honor Former Greats

Today, the NABL announced that they will honor former sluggers Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth, by naming their leagues after the former players. Each league will consist of two divisions with five teams each, as currently is set up. However, more teams may be added if the talent level is too great. Aaron was not available for comment on this great honor, nor was the league spokesman for the NABL.
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17 Teams Remain Open!

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League filling up at decent rate

A week after the NABL announced its arrival, they are still attempting to fill the league. They have now reached agreements with 9 different teams, and are hopeful they will get anywhere from 20-25 teams by the time the league opens. "We feel that the talent level is going to be even better than the MLB was. We will have all the same players, but with even less teams, so the weak links have been destroyed. We think any team has a chance, as long as they draft correctly," League commisioner Erik Voldness told reporters.

Apparently, all 9 cities are in discussions to get new stadiums for their NABL teams, but nothing has been finalized as of now. We will have more information as it's given.

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